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Book Review: Blissful Lies

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Title: Blissful Lies
Author: Jennifer Brown-Thomas

Blissful Lies tells a heart-wrenching story exploring the enviable bonds of five best friends, who, in the midst of growing up together, are just starting to realize how much they still have to learn about life. They quickly find the limits of their relationships are tested when secrets and lies rapidly interrupt their picture perfect existence, threatening the stability of years of friendship. At the center of their universe is mother to one group member and Brown-Thomas University Chancellor, Addison Hamilton. Uncertainty in her own life leads her down a path of no return as she finds herself a little too involved with someone many years her junior. While each person is forced to take responsibility for their hidden secret, they wonder if ultimately, it's just too much to move forward as the "family" they once claimed to be. As lives are left in tattered pieces, everyone is forced to choose. Will the group fall apart at the seams or will the strong bonds of everlasting friendship withstand the fire of deceit?

This book is a little different than the previous novels I've read. It consisted not much of detailed elaboration on character's internal feelings and thoughts. The development was hardly to be guessed and it had left me curiously wondering how would the story be depicted further as I read along. 

Somehow, this book reminded me of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars as the hidden secrets were constantly lingered among the elites. Many characters were involved in this story, however, only two persons were majorly portrayed, Addison and Jackson, a sweet, lovely couple despite the huge age discrepancies between them. I am not really a typical fan of May-December romance, but in this book, I found myself sincerely feeling for the couple, and even placed a wish upon their love, hoping they could live happily ever after at the end of the story.

The author's use of words is easily to be understood and somewhat repetitive, but it did not affect my reading experience any less. In fact, it was surprisingly enjoyable and was a quick read. Oftentimes, the story intriguingly urged me to read it like a movie, as if Addison and Jackson were alive in front of my eyes.

The only disappointment of this novel is that, as the story went and reaching the end, there was no major turning point that could spark the climax to the highest level, and to be honest, the ending of this story was totally out of my expectation. Also, other than the Addison-Jackson couple, I could not really relate myself to the rest of the characters because their existence was rather thin in the book due to the lack of description by the author.

Nevertheless, this book is worth to be recommended to those who have a penchant for untold secrets, romance and a little suspense. And I heard that a film of this novel is set to release next year, definitely would like to give it a try if I have the chance.

Disclaimer: Many of the books I received are given to me in exchange for my review. I am in no way paid for my reviews nor am I bound to give a review of anything except my honest opinion. 

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Saturday, 10 November 2012


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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hi, antique rose.

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Some people are always grumbling that roses have thorns,
I am thankful that thorns have roses.
---- Alphonse Kerr

After a few months of literally being brown-haired which often makes people around mistakenly recognized me as a Japanese, I have finally attempted to change my hair color into something fresh and different, using Liese product once again. And yes, this is a new formula released by Liese, with the additional functions of covering gray hair and honey moisturizing ingredient. In spite of the constant doubtfulness I have been receiving from my friends, the outcome is considered as surprisingly good as I had expected, and I actually received plenty of positive comments from people when the picture below was publicly revealed.

Also, after expressing my trepidation over the job searching process in one of the previous posts, I had pleasantly received a few of interview invitations and had went through them in a week. In fact, I had contemplated enough to make a final decision in accepting the job offered by Popular Book Company, as a management trainee in Advertising and Promotion Department. I can hardly describe how have all of these changes occurred in a blink of an eye. But here it is, a goodbye kiss to my lovely freedom, and I will miss you badly.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Listen to me before you go.

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My whole life I was swimming listening, 
beside the daylight world like a dolphin beside a boat.
---- Jean Valentine "Listening"

Although my love affairs with music are lacking, and believe me, I have been living in regret ever since the realization of how much I'd actually wished I could intimately engage in it, there is an eager part of me to share my current favorites to my lovely readers. Oh please, kindly click the "play" button above to indulge in the beauty of music. 

Clean Getaway by Poema
I personally believe that these 2 girls deserve more appreciations than they had. Their creations are always as sweet and delicate as their appearance. The lyrics of this song have always lingered on my mind since the first time of listening. You thought it would be easy, well maybe it was for you. I wish you'd see the mess that you made, with your clean getaway.

Nee by Mimu 
I couldn't describe how amazed I was when I first listened to the voice of this girl. This song was originally sang by a Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, but I preferred this cover version by Mimu because of the deep emotional messages that have been constantly delivered through her tone, which has made this song a little more saddening.

Chau Chau by Deli Spice
Thanks to the famous Korean show, Running Man, which had featured this song during the show, and I couldn't help myself but to add it into my favorite list. Unlike those typical K-pop songs, this song is categorized into soft rock genre, and I especially fall in love with the front part music, where the electric guitar started to bring in the melody.

Catch Me by TVXQ
I guess this song is definitely more than familiar to those who labeled themselves as K-pop die-hard fans. I am a big fan of TVXQ since I was in secondary school, and had even risked myself to bring their oh-so-handsome posters and pictures to class, simply for the purpose of spreading the love to my beloved friends, and if you are curious about the outcome, yes, it was a major success! 

Drenched by 曲婉婷 (Qu Wan Ting)
This is a heartbroken English song written by a Chinese singer, dedicated to her past love. What would be more sentimental than writing a song reflecting to oneself's story? And I would say her voice perfectly matched the lyrics, the atmosphere of the song. When you kissed me on that street, I kissed you back. You held me in your arms, I held you in mine. You picked me up, to lay me down. When I look into your eyes, I can hear you cry, for a little bit more of you and I...

愛你 (Ai Ni) by Kimberley Chen
Another song created and sang by an Australian, Chinese singer. With catchy music and simple lyrics, this song has successfully caught my heart without much effort. And if you are interested enough, I would recommend you to watch the official music video on Youtube, it has the cutest concept ever in portraying story!

Catal Rhythm by Oldcodex
Well, I believe this song would had been recognized by those who has lovingly attached to Japanese anime like me, particularly for those who had enjoyed Kuroko no Basuke. It was a second ending song of this anime, and personally, I like this the most compared to the others. 

I Remember by Bang Yong Gook
I wouldn't have known this song if it wasn't introduced by my friend, who shared similar taste with me in terms of music and anime. I like how this song merged K-pop with a heavy touch of rock genre, and it had instantly caught my ears with the piano melody at the front. I seriously think I have eccentric preference for piano and electric guitar!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

This ain't a fairy tale.

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On winter nights beside the nursery fire,
we read the fairy tale, while glowing coals.
---- Amy Lowell "A Fairy Tale"

These girly pieces were worn during the birthday celebration of my dearest best friend. Pastels and lace, a frantically perfect combination, I would say. And satchels always managed to capture my attention wholeheartedly. 

I am still struggling through the job searching process. It didn't go as smoothly as I think it could have, and it is kinda depressing to acknowledge that my friends around are slowly getting job offers and interviews but I have none of them, so far. Oh well, perhaps I just have to tolerate awhile more and wait patiently.

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