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Playlist: Road Trip Upbeats

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This playlist is rather spontaneous, it's like a random thought that strikes upon my mind when I was planning my upcoming birthday trip in September while the afternoon sun shines bright  - why not create a playlist of songs that we could blast all along the road trip? And you know, sharing is caring, so here it is.

1. Come On | A Great Big World

I wanna be a thought inside your mind
I wanna see the starlight through your eyes
What it's like?

This is the type of a song that will linger on your mind simply because of its catchy rhythm. Try to play this song in the afternoon while you're driving and staring at the cloudless blue sky, this song will definitely uplift your mood and make you sing along with it.

2. Faded | Alan Walker feat. Iselin Solheim

You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us? Another star, you fade away

My relationship with this song is totally a love at first hearing. Iselin's voice is so delicate and celestial, and it never ceases to amaze me that how has her angelic voice perfectly matches with Alan Walker's electronic dance music.

3. Old Guitar | BUNT.

Sing me like an old love song
Baby take me everywhere you run
It's been too long, too long
Since I felt young

My boyfriend and I have instantly fallen in love with this song when we were aimlessly browsing at H&M last time, we even googled the lyrics because we had no idea who is the singer and our self-consciousness restrained us from asking around. Now, let me tell you, our passion for this country house music has never been faded ever since. 

4. Bitchin' Summer | Avril Lavigne

It's gonna be a bitchin' summer
We'll be livin' fast, kickin' ass together
Like high school lovebirds
Gonna have a blast make it last forever

Avril Lavigne is my favorite singer since her release of first album "Let Go" so it'll be an absolute crime if I didn't feature this song in the playlist. It has youthful lyrics that hypes you up for the summer and sends you into those nostalgic moments in high school.

5. Roses | The Chainsmokers feat. ROZES

Well, I'll be your daydream, I'll be your favorite things
We could be beautiful

This song is awfully addictive, I must say - actually many of their songs are - especially when you put on headphones and let the beats blast through your ears, I guarantee that you'll irresistibly hit the replay button over and over again. I guess that's why The Chainsmokers has risen up so surprisingly fast and most of their songs peaked at US & UK charts. 

6. Safe & Sound | Capital Cities 

I could show you love
In a tidal wave of mystery
You'll still be standing next to me

If you have listened to this song, does the trumpet send chills down your spine whenever you're playing it? Because I do experience the chills every single time. Even though the song has been released few years ago, it never gets old. 

7. A Sky Full of Stars | Coldplay

'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars
I'm gonna give you my heart

I always feel that this song is irrevocably a perfect companion for drivings and road trips at night, perhaps it's the title that creates the traveling, star gazing ambiance. Many people were missing Coldplay's alternative rock style when this song was released, but for me, their new attempt on the music deserves a round of applause, it's colorful and speaks the beauty of electronic dance.

8. Birds | Coldplay

Around here you never want to sleep all night
So start falling in love, start the riot and come rage with me
We don't need words and we'll be birds

I love how does this song lyrically deliver the message of infinity and boundless, of arms swaying freely like a bird - which constantly reminds me of road trips, because that's the purpose of traveling - to be yourself and feel alive.

9. Something In The Way You Move | Ellie Goulding

When our eyes meet, I can only see the end
And tonight the rain pours again

Ellie Goulding is my new love because of her synthpop album "Delirium". All of the songs are highly pop-oriented, which complements her distinctive vocal and unleashes a very appealing and ecstatic listen. This is one of the songs that offers the most buoyant rhythm, energetic enough to play along the journey.

10. Up | Olly Murs feat. Demi Lovato

I never meant to break your heart
Now I won't let this plane go down

Demi Lovato's powerful vocal combines with pop folk music that sends off positive vibes. Well, sign me up. Some songs will make you unconsciously smile while you sing along, this is one of those. I'm just really in love with the hopeful and bubbly atmosphere that this song fabricates.

11. Gone, Gone, Gone | Phillips Phillips

Give me reasons to believe
That you would do the same for me

This song is a breath of fresh air. It's arguably melodic and the lyrical content are memorable with strong determination about believing in love. The lively music often easily brightens up my day, which tempted me to make it as one of the ideal songs for road trips.

What songs will be on your playlist for road trips? Are any of these songs your favorite too?

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6 lovely confession(s):

Reg @ She Latitude on 14 August 2016 at 14:00 said...

I love this! Up has been on my playlist for AAAAGES, and I love how uplifting the lyrics (and the tunes) are.

Ola on 15 August 2016 at 02:07 said...

Great! I love playlists, I'm not good at creating them myself so I will be checking out your selection 😊

Pearl @ Pearl's Book Journey on 15 August 2016 at 08:55 said...

Wow. Thanks for the sound track recos, Clara. I really loove your enthusiasm towards music. <3

Anonymous said...

Eep! This is amazing Clara! I'm very picky when it comes to songs but these tracks sound great! <3

Grace @ RebelMommyBookBlog on 17 August 2016 at 19:27 said...

Awesome playlist!! I love Ellie Goulding :)

CG @ Paper Fury on 20 August 2016 at 17:24 said...

oh these seem so awesome! I love some of the Chainsmokers songs and Coldplay is AWEEEESOME for sure. I'm looking up the rest now because eeeep, I always need new epic songs to listen to. :D


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