Review Policy

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Dear Authors / Publishers & Business Owners,

Thank you for considering me to review your books or products, I am reachable via email at: ✉

But first, please read through the below review policy for better understanding:

Book Reviews
My favorite genres:
- Anything YA (Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal, Dystopian, Urban Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling, Romance, Science Fiction)
- New Adult
- Poetry

Genres I rarely read but willing to try:
Adult Contemporary Romance
- Adult Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
- Adult Paranormal
- Adult Fiction
- Magical Realism
- Coming of Age
- Historical Fiction
- Mystery

Genres I'll most likely decline:
- Non-Fiction
- Horror
- Middle Grade & Children Books
- Religion
- Erotica
- Crime / Thrillers Suspense

Preferred books & ARCs format: 
Physical copies, e-books (Kindle / .mobi, PDF)
* I don't accept audio books

Blog tours and giveaways hosting are welcomed. However, I am often not engage in cover reveals and any other solely-focused promotional posts. Also, if the book is a part of the series installment, I might request for preceding books as well to ensure the series could be read in order.

In return, I will post the book review on this blog, as well as on my Instagram & Goodreads. All of my reviews on this blog will contain:
- Title & Book Cover
- Author
- Book Stats (Publisher, Genre, Page Count)
- Synopsis from Goodreads
- Book Quote
- My Opinion & Rating
- Song Recommendation (if applicable)

My rating system:
5 stars: Purely perfection, I loved loved loved it with all my heart, highly recommended!
4 stars: I liked the story a lot and enjoyed reading it!
3 stars: The plot was good but I wished it could be better.
2 stars: It was okay and overall unimpressive, I didn't hate it but I didn't like it too.
1 star: It was a painful struggle to finish the book.
DNF (did not finish): I just couldn't continue reading it, perhaps the story wasn't meant for me at that moment.
* Sometimes I will use half stars in my rating as well.

Product Reviews
Any product review requests, especially bookish merchandise and subscription boxes are highly welcomed. I have collaborated with a few esteemed companies on my Instagram:
- The Bloody Black (Malaysia's Online Temporary Tattoos)
- The Peach Box (Australia's Online Accessories)
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- Ladd Designs (Canada's Stationery Embossers & Stamps)

* All the photographs and posts are originally taken and written by me unless stated otherwise.
* All ARCs and products are sent to me by publishers & business owners for an exchange of honest review.

With love,


♥ La Sourire